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Indoor Training

Central Academy Youth Soccer is known for its top Futsal training development in the area.
The first, the best and only one of a kind in the county!!

First and foremost the Club forefront is Discipline, Principle and Leadership

OUR YOUTHS TRAIN UNDER A METHODOLOGY TRAINING SYSTEM in different phases and parts. Each player is well monitored in their developmental process. Our training method has proven to develop players in much faster pace.

There are 3 sessions of developmental phases. Start on first week of April, ends last Saturday in August. 
Each session averages 18 games and 48-50 hours of training
There are two levels: 1. Premier Academy Development Program (PADP). 
                                2. Early Academy Development Program (EADP) 

*Central Academy is a new focus in Youth Soccer where fun experience and development are GRAND.

*Our coaches, trainers are carefully selected.

*They are experienced, licensed, passionate to youth soccer development and athleticism.

*We are consistently exposing the children to high profiled soccer players.

*We provide quality and specialized training in all components, Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological to transform our youths to be among the exceptions.

*Our program functions year around.

*During Spring and Summer seasons we move to our development facility just 5 minutes across of primary complex, for continuous training and preparation for Fall/Winter seasons. Where we all in one location: dual indoor collegiate size gymnasiums, swimming pool, multiple classroom, equiped with Flat screen, projectors, tables and chairs, outdoor soccer field, indoor and outdoor bathrooms, tennis court, multiple pavilions. They are trained mostly indoor, play Futsal combined with some outdoor training.

Check out our Summer Camp. It is awesome! Runs in June, 1 week, full day from 8:00am to 4:30pm. Healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks are served daily under one low price. The youths trained both outdoor and indoor combined, and enjoy the fun swimming pool daily. 

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Gerald Morin
Founder, President, Director